Jen has come to our villa, Casa Coram Deo, to provide private in-villa yoga sessions to myself and our villa guests on several occasions. Sessions with Jen leave us feeling refreshed and revived and are always the perfect addition to time spent in our island home and rental.
— Jim & Laura Crenshaw | Owners, Casa Coram Deo
I started taking Jen’s yoga classes in November 2017, after the hurricanes in St John.  It was a time where everyone was healing. Her classes not only helped me physically but mentally. Jen’s calming manner provides inspiration and healing energy.
— Keleigh R.
Jen’s class is all about developing strength, attending to alignment and following the breath. I like the way she takes her students carefully through a sequence “at tempo” , so we can experience the flow. I’m often delighted by the variety of music she plays during class. I always look forward to going to her classes.
— Amy R.
Jen has the training to teach many different styles of yoga from vinyasa to yoga nidra and more. Every time I attend her class I am not just feeling the yoga high, but also more knowledgeable about yoga and my own practice. Jen is also thoughtful in the way she constructs each class making it a special and healing experience from the moment I step foot into the studio to the last hug goodbye before I carry on with my day or night. She is truly passionate and dedicated to her work and practice. I recommend her for classes, private sessions or conversation.
— Angela W.
Jen’s classes have helped me to relieve stress, feel stronger and more flexible. She’s guided me to relax every muscle in my body when some were causing me discomfort. Meditation is not easy for me but with Jen it feels natural. I, along with many others, am so happy Jen is here to offer these classes.
— Angela G.
Jen takes you through a beautiful flow and has the calmest voice throughout the class. Her words inspire.
— Taylor E.
My parents introduced my sister and I to St John when we were teenagers. I am fortunate to be able to now visit on a regular basis. Occasionally the moons align and we are able to have the entire family on island at the same time. Several members were interested in attending one of Jen’s sessions and it was just perfect. Jen’s class touched me in a way that was similar to the feeling I get on the ferry ride from Red Hook. Whether you’ve been gone a week, a month, a year, or longer when you step on the ferry and start to head over to St John, it is a unique feeling. Jen’s class was a unique experience and we all are grateful that we were able to attend. Highly recommend. Namaste
— George Robinson

Photos: Anne Bequette of St John Creative Photography